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Operation Precautions Installation and operation precautions Operation precautions To ensure the optimum performance of this machine, observe the precautions described below. The Citrix access Partner Network is a program that, in combination with a solution of Citrix, promotes and develops solutions to provide the customers with better solutions. Reverse Set this function to copy the original with the light- and dark-colored areas or the colors gradations of the image inversed. Item Description Public user box Shared box that any user can access.

Stapling is possible only when optional saddle stitcher on the finisher is installed. If the original length is mm or less, the holes are punched along the long side of the paper. Create the data you want to send using any application. Note The buttons that appear in the Utility mode parameters differ depending on the specified settings. Laser safety label A laser safety label is attached to the outside of the machine, as shown below.

The Edit Name screen appears. Position the original to be copied. The indicator lights up in blue when there is saved fax data or unprinted fax data. For details on Fax, refer to p.

This is used for full- color scan data. Place the original on the original glass.

To type text Touch the button for the desired character from the keyboard that appeared. Enter the number using the keypad. First Name Enter the first name from the touch panel. Enter a bulletin board number from the keypad.

Glossary Appendix Glossary The words used in Copy mode are described below. This is a semiconductor laser. Specify an order for printing combination order. The manufacturer reserves the right to carry out modifications to the product described in this manual at any time and without any notice. Job History On this list, you can check completed jobs.

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Open System Displays if the optional fax kit has been installed. After the original has been scanned, the following message appears. It is also possible to give a scan command from the computer to the machine and save the data. All changes to the settings are canceled.

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Function name Description Pattern Specifies the embedding method of a pattern. Specify any other desired copy settings. Do not ignore these safety advices. Be very careful that an accident does not occur when operations such as removing paper misfeeds are performed.

How can the job being printed be stopped? This is convenient when the recipient desires to bear the communications fees. Binding Position Left stitch, right stitch, top stitch Specifies the binding position.

Specify two or more recipients. Pulling on the power cord could damage the cord, resulting in a fire or electrical shock.

Function name Description Offset Specifies offset. Next Destination Touch this button to add other destinations.

Full Color This option scans in full color. Settings for the following can be changed. How many sheets of paper and other media can be loaded?

The Finishing screen appears. Proxy Specify whether or not a proxy server is used. Text Color Specifies the text color used for printing. Finishing settings, such as the number of copies and double-sided printing, can be added when the document is printed. Detailed Settings Specify more detailed settings.

Create User New user boxes can be created. Some products have a high-voltage part or a laser beam source inside that could cause an electrical shock or blindness. This is convenient for quickly making a copy. Communica- On this list, 3d ati radeon drivers you can check received or transmitted jobs. Company Name Enter the company name from the touch panel.

Olivetti d-color mf 450 drivers

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Function Description Copies Type in the desired number of print copies using the keypad. The great challenge is to sustain Italian businesses and public administration bodies in this digital era. Can any size be specified? Using the keypad, type in the desired number of copies.

D-Color MF / d-Color MF (Discontinued) - Olivetti Agency

Olivetti d-Color MF350 User Manual

Name Enter the name from the touch panel. The keypad can also be used to type in numbers.

Enter the host name, file path and other information from the touch panel of the machine. Failure to do that could result in a fire or electrical shock. Transmission functions Function type This machine can send and receive scanned images over the network or telephone line. The Help Menu screen appears.

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The Basic screen appears again. The paper to be used for printing the second side can be loaded into the bypass tray. In order to ensure that this machine is used correctly and efficiently, carefully read this manual as needed. Document Name Displays the name of the file to be saved. Background Pattern Specifies the pattern background.

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Information included in this user manual is subject to change without notice. Print Recipient File Prints the document after the fax was sent. The start number or the number of digits displayed can be specified. Be sure to position the original correctly according to the type of original being copied. An unpleasant odor may, however, be created in poorly ventilated rooms during extensive machine operations.

Olivetti offers excellent development possibilities to companies interested in entering its business partner network. The Olivetti Group is a heritage brand of Italian industry and today is a driving force behind digital evolution. Descriptions of originals and paper The descriptions used in this manual for originals and paper are explained below. Item Description Sends data in the document as Fax.

Sales Network Find your closest Olivetti retailer. Software Licence Agreement Introduction Software licence agreement This package contains the following materials provided by Olivetti S.