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Lexmark Pro915 Color All-in-one Printer Driver

Available for aftermarket purchase. Scanning to a network computer Load the original document. Loading Various Paper Types Adjust the paper guides to rest gently against the left, right, and bottom edges of the envelopes or photo paper. You can create one-touch custom solutions to streamline repetitive copying, scanning, and printing tasks. You may have connected to a defective port.

What is a splitter and what type of splitter should I use? You can load either envelopes or photo paper, but not both. Load envelopes or photo paper. Notice to Users of the Canadian Telephone Network. Flip up the paper stop to catch the envelopes or photos as they exit.

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He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Memphis and an associate degree in computer information systems from the State Technical Institute at Memphis. Industry Canada Compliance Statement.

The Cartridge Finder solution available in the SmartSolutions menu appears. In the Start Search or Run box, type cmd. Scanning To A Network Computer The scan is complete when a message appears on the printer control panel indicating that the file you scanned has been saved. From the home screen, touch Copy.

The line is working if you hear a dial tone. Easily load different types of paper with the optional sheet tray that boosts plain paper input capacity to sheets. Cleaning the Scanner Glass. Close the Windows Control Panel and any remaining windows.

Understanding The Home Screen Understanding the home screen After the printer is turned on and a short warm-up period occurs, the display shows the home screen. Open the printer, and then lift the latch. If the cable is damaged, then use a new one. Understanding the Home Screen. Installing the Printer On Other Computers.

Ordering And Replacing Supplies High yield cyan color cartridge Magenta color cartridge High yield magenta color cartridge Licensed for a single use only. Finding Information about the Printer. The carrier moves to the printhead access area when no printhead is installed in the printer.

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Adjust the scan settings as needed. Making a Copy Lighter or Darker. Move the paper guides to the sides of tray. About Your Printer About your printer Thank you for choosing this printer! The hotline is closed on Sundays.

There is a danger of explosion if a lithium battery is incorrectly replaced. Scanning Faq Adjust the scan settings as needed.

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Lexmark International, sony vaio vpcsb1s1e driver Inc. Look on the front of your Lexmark printer and write down the printer's name and model number. Using Genuine Lexmark Ink Cartridges. Printer supplies and hardware not listed in a Lexmark collection program may be recycled through your local recycling center. Want to buy this product through a Lexmark Authorized Dealer?

Do not place or use this product near water or wet locations. If there are limited wall jacks in your home or limited ports on your adapter, then you can use a phone splitter. After one minute, reconnect the power cord into the power supply, and then plug the power cord into the wall outlet.

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Safety Information Safety information Connect the power cord to a properly grounded electrical outlet that is near the product and easily accessible. The device must be on the same Wi-Fi network as the printer. Navigating Menus Using the Touch Screen.

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Ordering Paper and Other Supplies. Press and hold Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, and then pull out the power cord from the power supply. Ordering Paper And Other Supplies Install the new ink cartridges immediately after removing the protective cap to avoid exposing the ink to air. You must install new cartridges immediately after removing the old ones, or the ink remaining in the printhead nozzles may dry out. If you have installed two trays in your printer, then touch Setup.

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Minimum System Requirements. Touch the name of the destination computer. Printing From a Mobile Device. For more information, see the printer User's Guide.

Do not use the fax feature during a lightning storm. We encourage the recycling of our products. Values are subject to change. Loading Original Documents On The Scanner Glass Loading original documents on the scanner glass Open the scanner lid and place the document facedown on the scanner glass. Also subject to the range of the router.

Lexmark pro915 color all-in-one printer driver

Reinstalling the Printer Software. This limitation of liability will not apply to claims by you for bodily injury or damage to real property or tangible personal property for which Lexmark is legally liable. Using the Printer Control Panel.

For example, if the answering machine picks up calls after four rings, then set the printer to pick up after six rings. Scanning to a Local Computer. Canceling Copy Jobs Making a duplex copy manually Load the original document. Enter your personal information and printer's serial number in the fields. The printers folder opens.

Understanding the Parts of the Printer. Your printer may not come with some of these programs or some of the functions of these programs, depending on the features of the printer that you purchased.

Using the Macintosh Printer Software. If you create a contact list in the printer control panel, then the fax software automatically saves those contacts as Phonebook entries. However, you will need to install the printer driver on every computer that will access it. You do not need to configure the printer again, although you will need to run the setup software on each computer to install the driver. Follow the instructions on the computer screen.