The curious case of the F1 pay driver

Formula One Drivers Pay

Formula 1 Driver Salaries Who is Highest Paid F1 Driver

But these days the matter is not nearly as clear cut. Greater focus on these would reduce the necessity of driver-raised finance. Yes you are absolutely right! Cause the Ferrari is unattainable for most, making the elusive car more desirable hence bigger budgets.

Be first to get breaking news. Yeah its ridiculous if you ask me, in my opinion there is no way to justify that Hamilton and Vettel makes so much more than Grosjean and Raikkonen. The underpinning of any honest competitive endeavour is that it is a meritocracy, that the most talented prevail. Previous article Mercedes can fight top three in - Lauda.

Contrary to many claims, pay driver does not necessarily equate to untalented. Esteban Gutierrez Shop Now. Join prime To view in hi-res Slide show. Multi-year contract with Red Bull. The differences in salaries not only amongst teams but every team mates is staggering.

And equally, can we point the finger at the sport more broadly? Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren. Neither of them is an Alonso, after all.

The curious case of the F1 pay driver

Ricciardo is in the last year of his current deal with Red Bull and at the end of he will be free to join any other team. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull.

Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber. The difference in companies pay and brand establishment are pretty shocking. Santander may not be at Ferrari were it not for Fernando Alonso.

Michael Schumacher Shop Now. Or do you really think you are the exception because you really love to drive?

2018 Formula 1 Driver Salaries Who is Highest Paid F1 Driver

Yes they should even out the pay more, it would be better for both the sport, drivers and fans. Is it at least possible that teams are relying too much on finance from its drivers, and subconsciously or otherwise are not quite doing everything that they could on the sponsor front? Perhaps the expectations of drivers raising budget is also, rightly or wrongly, epson printer drivers for el capitan the new reality that drivers have to learn to adapt to. These follow on from other talents like Rubens Barrichello and briefly Nico Hulkenberg being cast to one side to make way for drivers who bring cash with them in the past three seasons. The placement of finishes and pay are as well interesting.

Formula one drivers pay

To be brutal about it, if the likes of Kovalainen and Kobayashi assumed that their levels of talent alone would make them immune from the shifting sands then they were at very least naive. Motorsport Network Buy tickets Store. Red Bull and McLaren has big budgets too, but it is hard to see how lower budget teams like Sauber or Williams can keep up.

Heikki Kovalainen, Caterham. Look at baseball salary caps, does it make the game more fair? It's also worth reflecting that the truth of the pay driver vs.

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Whens the last time Grosjean or Raikkonen won a race? But perhaps even in these tough times, much more can be done to ensure that they can be contained. One can only hope that the back markers obtain a really state of the art safety chassis as they grind along in the dirty air bequeathed them by their very wealthy cousins. Sauber is way too low for risking your life in a car.

His belated attempts to raise some finance seemed, almost literally, a day late and a dollar short. Or just let the poorer teams think they have a shot. Sebastian Vettel Shop Now. The more money you got the better your team is. It all adds up to a feeling the sport is being undersold somewhat, and is to a large extent complacent about growing its fan base.

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